Designer iPod & iPhone pouches and cases. Lovingly made in England.

We make iPhone and iPod cases and pouches. By hand. Exclusively for you. Just so that they can match your Egoor.

Exclusively designed iPhone cases and pouches make a great gift and will fit a large range of gadgets, including phones (SonyEricsson, LG, Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone), MP3 and MP4 players (iPod, Zune, Creative Zen) and digital cameras.

Egoor design:

Bespoke and unique, it will stand out in the crowd of those plain old cheap cases your phone or camera came with. Admit it: it’s good to be different!

Benefits of Egoor pouches and cases:

  • Your lovely gadget stays protected and virtually scratch-free (yes, we’re looking at you, proud iPhone and iPod owners!)
  • Egoor cases also have a purpose of a cleaning cloth, preventing screen smudges on those iPods, iPhones, Blackberries, et cetera – the gadget can be cleaned while inside its Egoor pouch. Just waggle it inside and – look, Ma! Nice and shiny again!
  • Egoor cases have a ‘anti-g-force‘ [an′tī′dʒiːfōrs] technology acting against the local gravitational acceleration vector within a fraction of a second before impact. Marketing speak aside – your gadget has more chance of surviving a drop on the pavement inside its Egoor case. Nice, isn’t it?
  • It looks cool – for the first time since you have got your iPod people will actually pay attention to the case, too.

Every pouch ensures a nice and tight fit for a phone or an MP3 player, so make sure you check the dimensions on the particular product listing page.

We are working on a custom design order form, which will be online shortly and will let you customise your Egoorlesque phone pouch or case, so please keep watching this space or if you are that impatient, contact Egoor and submit your request details now. And now…

…go shopping for some nice iPod and iPhone cases and pouches!

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